Group Tours in England

Thanks to its internationally famous culture, history and landscape England is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – and a fantastic location for a group tour.

The country is a magnet for those who love history. There are a myriad of palaces and grand country houses to explore, medieval cathedrals to discover and quaint rural villages – that seem lost in time – to visit. England is also a prime destination for those who love culture: visitors can visit the birthplaces of some of the world’s most famous writers, such as William Shakespeare, and see where famous movies, such as the Harry Potter series, were filmed.
Add to this the beauty of the English countryside and coastline and its world famous cities, including the capital London, and it is clear that the country has something for everyone.

Something for Everyone

All this means that we can put together a vast range of group tours in England to interest all sorts of customers. From general sightseeing tours that take in everything from national parks and teashops to stately homes and seaside towns, to more specialised packages that, for example, concentrate on history or literature.
England also has a range of accommodation and dining to suit any budget – from world-famous hotels to boutique accomodation. 
To make sure that the group tour we put together for you gets great reviews from your customers, we’ll arrange a customised package of accommodation, coaches, guides, car hire, admissions, meals and itineraries that will allow them to discover exactly what makes England such a wonderful place to visit.