Incentives in Scotland

Scotland is the perfect destination for incentive travel.

From the Scottish capital of Edinburgh to the lively atmosphere of Glasgow, Scotland’s cities have the best sightseeing for your guests to enjoy. Visits to picturesque towns like Portree on the Isle of Skye and New Lanark, the exquisite world heritage site, offer beauty and history to every visitor.
The landscape of Scotland is populated with historic buildings like Stirling castle, one of the best preserved Renaissance buildings in the UK or Edinburgh castle, the icon of the city and where the Scottish crown jewels are held for any visitor to see.
Scotland is not only known for it’s beautiful and historic cities and towns but also the majestic Highlands where cities give way to sublime mountains and unspoiled landscapes. It is full of things to see and do and we can arrange an itinerary that can include anything from a visit to the Isle of Skye or Loch Lomond, a golfing trip in St. Andrews, to a more active pursuit like kayaking or canyoning.

Adventure and Luxury

At Cashel Travel Incentives, we highly recommend Scotland to those who enjoy a little, or even a lot of excitement . Fishing, hunting, rafting, horse riding, mountain climbing and even skiing are all available across the country.
To make sure you make the best of your business incentive and rewards in Scotland, we’ll find you the perfect venue for any meeting and put together a programme of exclusive accommodation, dining , thrilling activities, gala dinners & private receptions, that will allow you and your staff to discover what makes this such an exciting place to visit.