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We are experts at putting together effective travel packages in the UK and Ireland.

Come to Cashel Travel to reward and motivate your staff, clients or agents with an incentive travel package designed specially for them. We have provided exciting incentive packages in locations all over the UK and Ireland and we know what works. We’ll put together a winning package of accommodation, dining, activities and sightseeing, one that will take into account your requirements and budget and the age and interests of your group.

Thanks to their history, heritage and beautiful countryside, the UK and Ireland make wonderful incentive destinations. You can be sure that your guests will go home having had an unforgettable break that will reflect well on your company.

Great itineraries and great value

From the moment your guests arrive in the country, we’ll deal with all the necessary planning and logistics. We can find venues for any meetings and provide a full range of interesting activities and creative team building activities. We are skilled at coming up with offbeat and exciting activities that will provide real opportunities for team building. We also have a lot of experience providing memorable itineraries that combine famous sites with real local flavour.

We have the buying power and experience to get you special rates at the best hotels and the best deals for all aspects of your incentive package. We also offer peace of mind: our travel representative will be available at all times during your trip to deal with any unforeseen problems that might occur.

Click below to find out about three of our most popular incentive destinations.


Scotland is a diverse and extraordinary country with a rich and fascinating history. A land of contrasts, Scotland has vibrant and exciting cities and amazing unspoiled landscapes.

Population : 5.1 million
Major Airports: Edinburgh and Glasgow with direct connection to the airport London Heathrow
Capital : Edinburgh
Language: English and Gaelic
Currency: British Pounds

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England is the largest country in the UK. Its capital city London is the largest metropolis in Europe and the country is home to some of the World’s most famous tourist attractions.

Points of interest
Major Airport: Heathrow
Population : 50 million
Language : English
Currency: British Pounds

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The island of Ireland is situated in the westernmost part of Europe. A contrast of major cities like Dublin, Cork or Galway and beautiful villages providing charming hospitality and appreciated on its lively pubs, social meeting place par excellence.

Data of interest
Population : 4.6 million
Major Airport: Dublin
Capital : Dublin / Belfast
Language : English and Irish (Gaelic)
Currency: Euro

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